Friday, October 24, 2008

Best Jobs for Retirees

Before you can get hired, you must believe that you would be a great asset to any organization and that an employer would be well-served by you. Yet that's often easier said than done for older workers, many of whom face a range of fears about their employability. 3 main concerns from older workers:

1) "I'm old and I'm positive nobody will hire me because of age bias." That's right, age bias—the gray ceiling—definitely exists, along with plenty of other biases in our society. Some people will not hire you because of it, which is an unfortunate reality. Don't succumb to it or throw in the towel. You don't need every employer to want you; you need only one to say yes -- and surely one is out there that recognizes your age and experience as an asset.

2) "Everyone says I'm over-qualified for the positions I'm seeking." When you hear those words, don't hang up the phone or walk away. You have an immediate, confident response, which is, "I believe I'm well-qualified and I'd welcome the opportunity to address your specific concerns about my ability to excel in this role."

3) "My computer skills are OK, but not great." That's definitely a legitimate issue if you expect to work from home or in an office where computer use is a major part of your job. But keep in mind, it's by no means limited to someone who's 60 or 70. I'm 37 and my computer skills probably wouldn't measure up to a hot shot who's 10 years younger, so all of us have to think about this. Don't assume it'll fix itself or that an employer will overlook it; tackle it head on by taking a refresher course at a community college, a vocational training center or even online. Not only does it look good that you've got current skills, but employers appreciate people who are lifelong learners. Instead of focusing on the negative—"My skills aren't great"—turn that thinking into a positive—"I'm a quick study and I'm always willing to learn."

Once you're confident in yourself and you're armed with the language to tackle some of the challenging questions, there are several places you can look for opportunities Read more

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